If you're not moving forward, you're standing still.

Some changes you may or may not notice...

  1. SCACCHoops.com News Categories: Under all articles on SCACCHoops.com you'll see categories linked that should help you find related articles quickly.
  2. Game Sim Simulation Pages - Season Selection:  It used to be that you might pick a team and a season and you would get a message saying there wasn't enough data to sim the game.  Now, the season is prompted based up on the data we have for the team selected.  Hopefully this makes the user experience a bit better.
  3. Game Sim Prediction Pages:
    1. For college basketball and college football, you'll now see a tally of predictions for just the Top 25 games.
    2. For all predictions pages, the Game Sim point spread is now shown for your convenience.
    3. For GameSim+ users, you'll now have access to the Simulation Distribution graph for both college football and NFL matchups now as well.
  4. SCACCHoops.com is now available via HTTPS.

Hope you find these updates helpful.  Several of these requests came from users like you.  If you have suggestions for improvements on any of the sites, don't hesitate to email me.