The @GameSimKnowsAll Twitter Bot can interact with you on Twitter and let you know predictions to games and will send you a link to simulate games for yourself. All you need to do is send @GameSimKnowsAll a tweet with the proper wording, and it will respond back with a predicted score.

How to use the twitter bot?

There are a few different ways to ask @GameSimKnowsAll for scores. Here are a few examples:

  • @GameSimKnowsAll Duke/UNC
  • @GameSimKnowsAll Prediction for Auburn/Alabama?
  • Hey @GameSimKnowsAll who wins the Cavaliers/Warriors game?
  • @GameSimKnowsAll Falcons/Panthers?

Use a hashtag to specify a sport.

  • #CFB : College Football
  • #CBB : College Basketball
  • #NBA : NBA
  • #NFL : NFL
  • @GameSimKnowsAll Prediction for Duke/UNC? #CBB
  • @GameSimKnowsAll Alabama/Auburn #CFB

What response will I get from @GameSimKnowsAll?

@GameSimKnowsAll will reply with a predicted score...

If @GameSimKnowsAll can't find the game based upon your tweet, it will respond back like this...